AMINO COLUMNS – Amino Universal Premium & Amino Inject Column
Most efficient method to separate Basic Compounds

Evaporative Light Scattering Detector for Smart Flash Chromatography System
Comparison of amino-bonded silica gel (NH2) and silica gel (SiOH)

TLC Image (SiOH)

TLC Image (NH2)

  • Basic compounds
    ①4-Methylpyridine and
    ②Lidocaine tail on both silica gel TLC and column, resulting in a poor separation.
  • An excellent separation is achieved with the use of amino-bonded silica gel on both TLC and column chromatography, without tailing

  • 【Note】If a sample such as an aldehyde having an α-proton is run on an amino-bonded silica column, a Schiff base between sample and amino-bonded silica gel will be formed, and the sample will never be eluted. Acetone cannot be used either as mobile phase or washing solvent.
    Comparison of Amino-bonded silica gel and regular silica gel with added triethylamine as buffer

    TLC Image (SiOH)

    TLC Image (NH2)

  • Compound spots on silica gel TLC will not streak if 5% triethylamine is added to the solvent. However, it will not solve the tailing problem for column chromatography and results in a poor separation.
  • It is difficult to determine how much triethylamine should be added to the mobile phase to achieve a good separation in column chromatography.

  • It is not necessary to add buffer (a base) to mobile phase to run a basic compound using Yamazen Amino Column, which does not require time-consuming and cumbersome work, such as preparation of solvent, mobile phase change, flushing the buffer (base) out of the system line, etc. Basic compounds can be separated most efficiently using Yamazen Amino Column.

    ■Universal Column Premium (NH2)

    Adsorbent Particle
    OD x Length
    Packing Size Catalogue
    20-40 60 S 1.8 x 11.4 7 20 UW199-02
    50 UW199-05
    M 2.3 x 12.3 16 10 UW192-01
    50 UW192-05
    L 3.0 x 16.5 40 10 UW193-01
    50 UW193-05
    2L 3.0 x 20.0 55 10 UW194-01
    50 UW194-05
    3L 5.0 x 19.0 135 10 UW198-01
    4L 5.2 x 23.0 200 10 UW195-01
    5L 6.4 x 24.0 300 5 UW196-06

    ■Injection Column (NH2)

    To be used
    Packing Size Product No.   Column
    To be used
    Packing Size Product No.
    3S Hi-Flash Column
    Size: S, M
    10 W899-01   L Hi-Flash Column
    Size: 3L
    10 W898-01
    50 W899-05 50 W898-05
    100 W899-10 100 W898-10
    2S 10 W895-01 2L Hi-Flash Column
    Size:3L, 4L, 5L
    10 W885-01
    50 W895-05 50 W885-05
    100 W895-10 100 W885-10
    S Hi-Flash Column
    Size:M, L, 2L
    10 W896-01 3L Hi-Flash Column
    Size:4L, 5L
    10 W886-01
    50 W896-05 50 W886-05
    100 W896-10 100 W886-10
    M Hi-Flash Column
    Size:L, 2L, 3L
    10 W897-01 4L Hi-Flash Column

    Ultra Pack
    Size: D, E
    10 W887-01
    50 W897-05 50 W887-05
    100 W897-10 100 W887-10
    L Hi-Flash Column
    Size: 3L
    10 W898-01 5L 10 W888-01
    50 W898-05 50 W888-05
    100 W898-10 100 W888-10

    ■TLC (NH2)

    Cat No Product Size
    Thickness of coated
    adsorbent (mm)
    No. of TLC plates
    per package
    7522 Aminopropyl Si-(CH2)3NH2
    With fluorescence indicator
    (Amino for flash chromatography NH2 40-63µm)
    2.5 x 7.5 0.25 10

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