Coupled with a Kilo Pack H-size column, AI-700X can purify up to a 300g sample per run.

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A solvent delivery pump is of high precision medium pressure valveless ceramic piston pump, featuring infinite fine flow adjustments. The gradient at low concentration of solvent as low as 1 to 7% is possible, which is required when using a high polarity solvent, like methanol, without pre-mixing.



The precision pressure mater makes it possible to do real time monitoring of the pressure building up inside the column. When pressure hits the preset limit, the pump will stop as quickly as a flash, which will protect the system from being damaged. Highly responding pressure moderation system (PMS) prevents disposable plastic column and glass column from bursting, and allows the sample run to continue.

Safety First

Yamazen's motto is "Safety First!"

     Anti-static tubing prevents the system from catching fire when running a large-scale sample. Anti-static system is the Yamazen's proprietary technology.

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AI-700 A scale-up can be done automatically just by choosing a different size column.

Choose a column, click the [Sample load] button, input TLC Rf values of the target compound and the nearest impurity, and the maximum sample load will be calculated and given automatically. If a different column is selected, the maximum sample load will change accordingly. It will be a great guide for you to decide the proper column for running your sample.

Yamazen is the one and only company that have successfully transferred the method from TLC to column chromatography, based on the true theory of chromatography.

Green Flash Chromatography

     Linear gradient is set with Rf value on TLC. (Rf gradient)

     The optimum method can be automatically developed to elute the target compound at around 4-Column Volume.

     Yellow arrow(s) predicts the eluting position of the target compound(s).

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(Patent No.4087395)

2-Step Gradient is the best method to use when separating two target compounds, of which TLC Rf values (Rf1&Rf2/(3)&(6)) are far apart from each other (ΔRf>0.3) with some other compounds in between. As Fig 1 shows, 2-Step Gradient purifies multiple compounds efficiently while achieving a high resolution. And Rf1 (Compound 3) and Rf2 (Compound 6) elute at 4 to 5 column volume on each gradient.


Compared with the conventional ISOCRATIC method, 2-Step Gradient method shortens run time considerably, saves solvents and energy, and boosts productivity, therefore, It is eco-friendly.

A small amount of sample is run first for a preliminary run, since there is no correlation between TLC and column chromatography. When the preliminary run ends, click the peak of the target compound. The optimum Gradient method for a real run will be automatically developed, like the one for the normal phase chromatography.

(For more information, see Yamazen technical bulletin no.61.)

     A target compound elutes at around end of the gradient or 4-column volume, through the automatic setup of the optimum chromatographic methods.

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Benefit of Using an Inject Column for Sample Loading (1)

Inject Column will make sample bands narrower to achieve a higher resolution. Moreover, a larger size sample can be separated by small size column with use of the Inject Column.


Benefit of Using an Inject Column for Sample Loading (2)

Method to Achieve Good Separation of Sample Dissolved in Highly Polar Solvent

No “Coelute”!

Highly polar solvent used to dissolve the sample often causes poor sample separation in flash chromatography. It is, therefore, advisable to use low polar solvent to dissolve the sample. Many times, however, it is necessary to use highly polar solvent when dissolving the tough-to-dissolve sample. Yamazen’s Inject Column eliminates the harmful effect caused by highly polar solvent used to dissolve the sample, by trapping the highly polar solvent. By using Inject column together with main separation column such as Universal column, Hi-Flash column, etc. available from Yamazen, good sample separation can be achieved.


A New Innovative Software to Decide Recommended Size of Inject Column that Eliminates Harmful Effect on Chromatography Caused by Highly Polar Solvent Used to Dissolve Sample (…. will be available soon.)

Input the solvent name and the amount of the solvent used to dissolve a sample, and the recommended size of Inject column that eliminates the harmful effect caused by highly polar solvent used to dissolve the sample, will be decided automatically and pop up in the window.


Detecting capability over a broad range is critically important in flash chromatography!

When running a small size sample or a sample that has low UV absorbance:

Yamazen UV detector is capable of detecting a sample with very high sensitivity. As the chromatograms below shows, these samples are accurately detected and beautifully separated at 0.08 AUFS and 0.04 AUFS on a Yamazen UV detector. Ordinary UV detectors of other makes, however, lack the sensitivity, thus, end up losing precious samples.


Sample: Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 0.5mg Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 0.5mg Toluene, 9mg
Column used: Yamazen's Hi-Flash, L (30 gram) Fractionation mode: Peak mode separation


When running a large scale sample or a sample that has high UV absorbance:


Sample: Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 500mg Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 500mg Toluene, 900mg
Column used: Yamazen's Hi-Flash, 2L (45 gram)   Fractionation mode: Peak mode separation

Yamazen RI-31 RI detector and ELSD-100X evaporative light-scattering detector are designed for use with” Smart Flash” purification systems to purify organic compounds with little or no chromophores such as Carbohydrates, Steroids, Lipids, Terpenes and other compounds that have no UV absorbance. Parallel detection between UV detector and RI detector or ELSD is possible with Yamazen flash chromatography system.


System Specifications

Solvent Delivery Pump
Model No. No.700X-1CSC-150
Flow rate 1-150 ml/min
5-200 ml/min
15-300 ml/min
30-400 ml/min
Rated pressure 1.5MPa
No. of Solvent Mixed 2 (Choose from 4 solvents)
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx310H (mm)
Weight 11.8kg
Fixed Wavelength UV Detector
Model No. prepUV-254L
Light source Hg lamp
Wavelength Fixed at 254nm
Detector range 0.08-5.12 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 6kg
Variable Wavelength UV Detector
Model No. prepUV-10VHL (Single wavelength)
prepUV-20VHL (2-wavelength)
Light source D2 lamp
Wavelength 200-400nm
Detector range 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 4.5kg
Variable Wavelength UV Visible Detector
Model No. prepUV/VIS-10VHL (Single wavelength)
prepUV/VIS-20VHL (2-wavelength)
Light source D2 lamp and halogen lamp
Wavelength 200-800nm
Detector range 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 4.5kg
Fraction Collector
Model No. FR-360
No. of Rack 2
Driving mode X-Y driven
Fraction mode Time mode, Peak mode, Peak & Slope (Valley) mode
Input signal Purpose-built signal
Dimensions 320Wx480Dx520H (mm)
Weight 23kg
System Controller (built into Fraction Collector)
Input/Output Signal Pump, Detector, Fraction collector, PC serial interface
PC Specifications
OS Windows XP, 7 (32bit)
CPU Pentium III or Mobile Celeron with 500MHz or more or Atom D410 is recommend.
Memory 1GB or more
Monitor Recommended XGA or higher specifications
Hard Disk Space At least 150GB of availability memory
Input/Output Signal Serial RS232C D-sub 9 pin or USB

Standard Accessories

FR-360 Rack
118W x 335L x 159mmH

Note:FR-360 fraction collector holds a pair of the same size racks. When ordering the rack, please specify it with Cat. Number.

Rack Specifications, Collection Tube (O.D. x Length x Quantity)
Cat. No.
Size Code
Fraction Volume(Default)
American Standard Tube Size (mm)
13x100x75 pieces
15x125x75 pieces
16x125x75 pieces
16x150x75 pieces
18x150x75 pieces
25x150x30 pieces
25x200x30 pieces
*30x200x27 pieces
*60x180x10 pieces
Note: Test tube with * is of Japanese standard.

Cat. No.
Size Code
Fraction Volume(Default)
Japanese Standard Tube Size (mm)
15x150x75 pieces
18x180x75 pieces
24x180x30 pieces
30x180x27 pieces
30x200x27 pieces
60x180x10 pieces

Fittings & Tubing

Solvent Level Monitor
Waste Fluid Monitor

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