Samples from Mg to A Dozen Grams with The Use of Organic Solvents

Differential Refractometer

Yamazen RI-31 differential refractomer is designed for use with Smart Flash purification systems to purify organic compounds with little or no chromophores such as Carbohydrates, Steroids, Lipids and other compounds that have no UV absorbance. Parallel detection between UV detector and differential refractometer is possible with Yamazen flash chromatography systems.

Parallel Detection Between UV Detector and Differential Refractometer

Differential Refractometer

Features of RI-31

  • Baseline gets stabilized fast, and chromatography can be done at high flow rate up to 100ml/min.
  • A differential refractometer of deflection type, having a broad detecting range of refraction index and a built-in auto-control function of light strength. Thus avoids sensitivity from lowering caused by the stain on flow cell, which assures no saturation even for highly concentrated samples.
  • A highly sensitive and energy efficient detector. The light source is an ultra bright LED lamp that emits large amount of light even at lower voltage. There is no baseline drift caused by heat generation of lamp.
  • The temperature is precisely controlled so the measurement becomes very stable, 33°C in detector with integration of optical system and electric system. Optical system is equipped with a highly precision temperature controller.


TLC Image Reader

Differential Refractometer

Rf input directly from the TLC image is possible!
Place the TLC plate on the TLC Image Reader. Just with a few clicks on the monitor, the TLC image is shot, stored, and Rf values of the target compounds are automatically calculated. Rf values are then entered as parameters to use for Automatic Method Setup and also for the sample loading software.

Column Air Purge Pump

Differential Refractometer

When the run is complete, column air purge system purges the solvent from the used columns. It is better for the environment, safer in the lab and eliminates messy column removal.

External Nozzle Cleaning System

Differential Refractometer

External Nozzle Cleaning System removes the crystallized samples accumulated on the outside of the fraction nozzles and cleans well. Cross contamination is a big concern in flash chromatography. The W-Prep-2XY-N cleans outside of the fraction nozzles as well as inside. Thus, pure fractions will always be collected. This device keeps entire solvent lines always clean. (Patent No. 4551364)

Solvent & Waste Monitoring System

Differential Refractometer

Intelligent Fiber Optics Level Sensor System: Software coupled with highly sensitive photo detector continuously monitors the solvent amount. The software calculates and predicts the necessary amount of solvents to purify the sample upon setting up the method. Software will give a warning when the solvent becomes low and will stop the pump to prevent the columns from drying. The waste monitor prevents waste containers from hazardous and messy overflow.

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