Elution Position Control Automated Flash Chromatograph

Smart Flash AKROS

Smart Flash AKROS

  • Carry out the separations of samples ranging from a few milligrams to dozens of grams automatically
  • Assure good sample separations due to the integration of TLC image reader and Smart Flash
  • One and only flash system that can develop the optimized method based on the true theory of flash chromatography

Smart Flash AKROS

The Smart Flash AKROS integrated with TLC reader is an indispensable tool to be used by synthetic organic and natural products chemists to quickly and efficiently purify samples ranging from a few milligrams to dozens of grams. “AKROS mode” is designed based on Yamazen’s proprietary EPC (Elution Position Control) theory which is an advancement of the familiar theory of column chromatography. It calculates the sample’s elution position and the maximum sample loading amount for each column selected and coupled with a highly sensitive UV detector, elutes the target compound always at the most efficient position, assuring a high resolution in sample purification. AKROS captures a TLC image and shows it on the display screen along with the chromatograph’s sample peaks, which enables the cross-referencing of sample spots on TLC to sample peaks. AKROS, the “TLC Flash Chromatography System” helps the chemist to identify the target peak by cross-referencing TLC pattern to sample peaks and by comparing the intensity of sample peaks to the darkness or lightness of TLC spots. Moreover, it makes the result file of a sample run more useful as method data since the TLC image is copied and attached to the file.
■Cross-referencing of TLC pattern to column chromatography during run
(Target is indicated by a yellow arrow)

Smart Flash AKROS

Elution position of the target compound is easily known by comparing the sample peaks in flash chromatography with sample spots on TLC shown on the real time monitor.
■Cross-referencing of sample spots on TLC to sample peaks in flash chromatography is also available in the result file of a sample run.
Smart Flash AKROS
Cross-referencing of TLC to the result of sample run in flash chromatography gives important information in the result file.
Presentation on a sample run by flash chromatography can be done at a briefing session or a seminar relating it to TLC.

■Cross-referencing of sample spots on TLC to sample peaks in flash chromatography is also available in the result file of a sample run.
Flash chromatography requires a correct method transfer from TLC.
Smart Flash AKROS
Smart Flash AKROS
Yamazen is one and only company that can develop an optimized gradient method that predicts the elution position of the target compound upon method setting before the run.

Smart Flash AKROS

Click on the target and the nearest impurity on TLC image captured by AKROS, and each Rf value calculated will show on the monitor screen.

Optimized method will be developed automatically when TLC solvent mixture ratio, elution mode, purification mode and a column are selected. Maximum sample loading amount for each column selected will show in the dialogue box.

Place an Inject column loaded with a sample on column stand upon completion of column equilibration, and a sample run can start immediately. A sample run can be carried out simultaneously, while checking the TLC image shown on the monitor screen.

Powerful features and functions have become available for customers due to the Yamazen’s core flash chromatography technologies.

Yamazen’s proprietary Rf gradient fully controls and determine the elution position of the target compound.

EPC (Elution Position Control) equation calculates, controls and determine the elution position of the target compound.

A slow gradient named α mode can well separate those samples whose selectivity changes much when solvent strength changes and when TLC pattern can be hardly reproduced as sample peaks in flash chromatography.

A peak width corresponding to the sample loading amount is calculated.

Maximum sample loading amount for a column selected will show on the display monitor.

Yamazen’s highly sensitive UV detector will not miss any sample spot on TLC.

Even very small spots and/or low UV spots will be well detected and separated, and TLC pattern and sample peaks in column chromatography will be accurately cross-referenced.

System Specifications
Controller Laptop or Desktop
Application software ● Eluting position controllable “Rf Gradient” Method
● 4-column volume elution of the target compound minimizes solvent
use and waste disposal. Cost is drastically saved and It’s Eco-friendly!
● Changes method parameters on the fly.
● Scale up – Transfer method from one size column to another.
Slow gradient to apply for high polar solvents Ultra-slow gradient (0-3% over 30 minutes) is possible.
Pumping system, Model No.580S 0-80ml/min, 1.0Mpa (145psi)
Fixed wavelength UV detector, Model prepUV-254 254nm, 0.08-5.12 AUFS
Variable wavelength UV detector, Model prepUV-10VH 200-400nm, 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Variable 2-wavelength UV detector, Model prepUV-20VH 200-400nm, 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Variable wavelength UV-VIS detector, Model prepUV/VIS-10VH 200-800nm, 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Variable 2-wavelength UV-VIS detector, Model prepUV/VIS-20VH 200-800nm, 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Fraction collector,
Model FR-360
A pair of the rack, X-Y driven, fraction modes of Time, Peak,
Peak & Valley & Manual Collect
TLC Image Reader
Rack Sensors - Automatic stop of flow if collection tray (Rack) is not replaced or Collection Tray (rack) not in place..
Solvent level monitoring in all solvent inlet & waste bottles for physical solvent management.
Ground Solvent Path
One each of UV lamp and visible lamp
Streamlined from a TLC scanning to a sample run
Floor space (W x D x H)
H = height of column stand
50 x 45 x 78cm (19.7x 17.7 x 30.7 inch)
Certifications JIS and CE
Options Solvent & waste level monitor, Column air purge

Specifications of test tube racks

When ordering the rack please specify the Cat. Number.

Racks for U.S. standard test tube sizes Racks for Japanese standard test tube sizes
Cat. No. Pin Code Fraction Volume (Default) Test Tube Sizes (mm) Cat. No. Pin Code Fraction Volume (Default) Test Tube Sizes (mm)
AI13100 A 7ml 13x100x75 pieces AI15150 A 15ml 15x150x75 pieces
AI15125 A 12ml 15x125x75 pieces AI18180 B 30ml 18x180x75 pieces
A 15ml 16x125x75 pieces AI24180 C 60ml 24x180x30 pieces
AI16150 A 16ml 16x150x75 pieces AI30180 D 90ml 30x180x27 pieces
AI18150 B 22ml 18x150x75 pieces AI30200 D 100ml 30x200x27 pieces
C 45ml 25x150x30 pieces AI60180 E 350ml 60x180x10 pieces
AI25200 C 56ml 25x200x30 pieces        

System specifications are subject to change without notice.

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