Eco-friendly and Japan’s Best Selling Automated Flash Systems


Yamazen Corporation is Japan’s prominent manufacturer of the Single & Dual Channel Automated Flash Systems (Preparative Liquid Chromatographs) and high resolution columns, with 35 years of technical experience in flash chromatography. Expert in chromatography! Yamazen Science Inc is a sales and service operation for the US business.

Organic purifications for synthetic & organic chemists, natural product chemists, and biochemists.Yamazen systems purify the compounds only in 4 T0 with low solvent consumption.

Automated, Fast, High Resolution, Predictable Run Time & Solvent Usage, Easy & Flexible Operational Changes for the Flash Chromatography, perfected by 35 years of engineering & chromatography experience in Japan.

YFLC – WPrep

(Intelligent Yamazen Fast LC – Dual Prep LC with 2 XY Fraction Collectors)

Dual channel, intelligent Preparative Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatograph. Can work simultaneously or in parallel and individually. Setting of chromatographic conditions according to TLC results and monitoring of the chromatograms are displayed on the computer screen. Moreover, the software has been written so well for users in mind (so user friendly), on which users can automate the whole process, semi-automate and/or make it manual. Easy and simple Drag and Change of the Gradients. Open & Modular system for easy and simple maintenance and service.

YFLC-AI 580 and YFLC-AI 700

Single channel models. Both provide same level of convenience, ease of operation; Automated, Fast, High Resolution, Predictable run time and Solvent Usage, Easy & Flexible Operational Changes for the Flash Chromatography, as the WPrep, with 80ml/min to 400ml/min pumps.

Universal Disposable Cartridges, Hi-Flash Disposable Columns, UltraPack and KiloPack columns - high resolution, high number of theoretical plate, high efficiency and consistent quality from Yamazen's proprietary design and packing technology. Easy and speedy sample loading.

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