Yamazen Users' testimonials

"Our 'Yamazen' is a great system for a dual/parallel purification with sensitive UV detection, which gives us substantial savings on solvents. Also, we greatly appreciate Yamazen's fast service and technical support for my group."

"Epigen has been using the Yamazen liquid chromatography system and supplies for the past 8 years and we have nothing but praise for the efficiency, performance and ease of use of this instrument.
The Yamazen system is an important part of our working routine, allowing the fast and efficient purification of organic compounds via normal phase silica-gel chromatography or reverse phase C-18 chromatography.
The software controlling the instrument is easy to use and the TLC method-setting capability automatically suggests a method for optimal compound separation and purification.
System maintenance is hassle-free and line clogs are rare and easy to fix, since all tubing is accessible on the exterior of the instrument. It is our experience that Yamazen’s field engineers are very responsive and knowledgeable about troubleshooting.
In summary, we highly recommend Yamazen for its system and columns/supplies if you are considering a new chromatography separation instrument.”
"Having the option to input TLC data with the Yamazen to suggest a gradient has allowed me to have separation of compounds from challenging purification that other manufacturers systems failed to do.
The ELSD detector proved to be crucial in the detection of non-UV active compounds without having to TLC all the fractions after the purification. I would definitively recommend the use of the Yamazen to other users."

"We have been extremely happy with our Yamazen systems.

Before purchasing a system, we surveyed several chromatographic purification systems and found the Yamazen system to be superior. We were so happy with our purchase that we bought a second instrument. The Yamazen team has been superb. They are quick to respond to any issue that may arise and work collaboratively with us to carry out preventive maintenance and make us aware of all the latest developments. We really wish that our interactions with every instrument vendor could be as positive as it has been with the Yamazen team. Glad this was the system that we decided to use."
“The Yamazen system and chromatography columns have continuously offered outstanding quality to the laboratory operations. The unit has been reliable for over 7 years. The working knowledge of the sales and technical support teams has been excellent resources. It is a pleasure to recommend this product to my colleagues since it is high value for the investment.”
“Yamazen’s automated flash systems have been the workhorse instruments in my laboratory for over twelve years. The systems are compact, dependable, durable and easy to use. The service team does an excellent job ensuring that our instruments are functioning with minimal downtime. For optimal efficiency, every organic synthesis lab should have a Yamazen flash system.”
“We have been thrilled to have access to the Yamazen for several years. It helps us greatly in streamlining our workflow, and is particularly useful in difficult separations such as separating mixtures of functionalized cyclodextrins and other macromolecules.”
“The Yamazen AutoColumn (EPCLC AI-580S) is overall very powerful in separating organic compounds. The multi-wavelength detector and fraction collector with different modes are convenient for complicated separations. All in all, this Yamazen Auto-Column system helped the lab a lot.”
“Yamazen system is a really good tool; it often made the difference between a successful purification and a failure. It is limiting the use of the HPLC to really difficult separation. It reliability really speed up the research process.”
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