Q3:In purifying and separating compounds, which column achieve a better performance, a fat and short column or a slim and long one?
A3:Fat and short column can take large amount of rather easy-to-separate samples and separate them quickly. It also separates easily crystallizing samples quickly with the increased flow rate. Slim and long columns, on the other hand, work well for the difficult-to-separate samples. Fig.1 shows the theoretical plate number (N) and sample loading amount for the columns varying in form yet having nearly same amount of packed material.)

Re Fig.1: Ultra Pack Column B or Universal Column 3L is recommended for the sample size of up to 2000mg of the difficult-to-separate samples. Universal Column 5L-S8 is recommended for large amounts of easy-to-separate samples exceeding 2000mg. Fat and short columns also minimize harmful effects of the polar solvent that was used to dissolve the tough-to-dissolve sample. Please refer to Q2.

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