Various compounds including those that are invisible to a UV detector can be detected on ELSD in a very Broad Dynamic Range.

Evaporative Light Scattering Detector for Smart Flash Chromatography System
Cat No. A360, ELSD-100X
  • Simple, Fast & Easy Set-up and Operation
  • Hot Keys to Select Method for the Normal Phase Chromatography or the Reverse Phase
  • Optimized for Superior Detection of Semi-volatile Analytes at both High and Low Concentrations
  • Independent Temperature Control for Spray Chamber and Drift Tube
  • Stand-alone Compact Design and Add-On device: The smallest footprint available in industry, 140mmW x 280mmH x 343mmD

The Yamazen ELSD-100X Evaporative Light Scattering Detector is a universal detector, specifically designed for use with the Yamazen Smart Flash purification systems. Use of an ELSD allows a chemist to purify compounds that do not have a chromophore, and hence are invisible to a UV detector. Previously, ELSDs have been used for high sensitivity analysis in HPLC and UPLC. Flash purification places different demands on the detector. For flash purification, wide dynamic range and the ability to handle high concentrations of sample become critically important. When used in conjunction with our Smart Flash system, virtually any compounds can be detected and collected. Mass ranges from 0.1 mg to 10 grams are easily handled. When the Yamazen Smart Flash system incorporates an ELSD, it becomes possible to purify carbohydrates, steroids, alcohols, lipids, fatty acids, surfactants, terpenes, and other non-chromophoric compounds. Parallel detection and fractionation are also possible. Using both a UV detector and an ELSD boosts productivity and efficiency since each detector can be used for the compounds on which it works best.

■Parallel Detection with UV Detector and ELSD-100X

■Even UV-transparent compounds can be detected.

■Parallel Detection with UV Detector and ELSD-100X

Other features
  • Flexible, Accurate and Reliable – Low Detection Limit & Wide Dynamic Range Capable of Detecting Samples from 0.1mg to 10g
  • Excellent Dual Viewing and Collection with the UV & the ELSD-100X
  • Sensitive & Efficient Detection for Non-Chromophoric Compounds
  • Increased Productivity, Enhanced Performance and Reduced Cost of Operation
  • Long-life Laser Output: Highly Stable
  • No Maintenance Parts Required
Display LCD
User Interface Membrane keypad
Spray Chamber Temperature 15℃ to 60℃
Drift Tube Temperature Ambient + 10℃ to 80℃
Eluent Flow Rate 0.2mL/min to 5mL/min
Gas Requirements 50 psi ± 5 psi Nitrogen or other inert gas
Gas Consumption Approx. 2 SLPM
Gain Settings Normal & Low
Operating Environment Indoor use only, 16℃ to 27℃ and < 90% R.H. non-condensing
Electrical Requirements Nominal 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz or Nominal 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 600 watts
Wetted Materials Glass, Teflon™, anodized aluminum, stainless steel
Light Source 670 nm Laser Diode, < 5mW
Detector Hermetically sealed photo-diode/operational amplifier
Output Signal 5VDS
Dimensions 140mmW x 280mmH x 343mmD
Weight 7.5kg
Certifications JIS and CE

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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