Large Scale Purification for organic compound research & process


Pre-Packed Columns for highly efficient purification. The best solution for scaled up, large size samples.


Yamazen's KiloPack columns were developed based on Yamazen's proprietary dry packing technology.


At Yamazen's dry packing facility, both the Ultrapack and Kilopack are manufactured by the same method. The chromatograms shown above were obtained by chromatography of different amount of samples proportional to cross section of the column under the same condition with the same linear flow rate. The chromatogram shows, clear resolution at the same ratio is achieved with the samples in small to large amounts. Thus, scale up performance proportional to cross-section of column has been done is proved.

Highly resolved horizontal band can be obtained without tailing

Unevenness of column packing in preparative chromatography can often cause long-tailing chromatogram . But Kilo Pack chromatography provides an efficient performance with horizontal band without tailing. Therefore, large amount of sample can be loaded on the column and chromatography with high resolution capacity is possible without contamination.

For Large Scale Sample, made of Glass

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