TLC Image Reader

Cat No. A272, RE-X10

Rf input directly from the TLC image is possible!
Place the TLC plate on the TLC Image Reader. Just with a few clicks on the monitor, the TLC image is shot, stored, and Rf values of the target compounds are automatically calculated. Rf values are then entered as parameters to use for Automatic Method Setup and also for the sample loading software.

  • Equipped with a built-in UV light source and a camera.
  • By shooting the TLC plate and clicking the target compound on the TLC plate, the Rf value of the target compound will be calculated and the optimized chromatography method will be developed automatically.
  • The TLC plate is displayed on the screen during run. Compound spots on the TLC plate and the compound peaks both are displayed on the screen.
  • Both the photographic image of the TLC plate and the purification are saved as a data file.
  • Click the target compound and the nearest impurity on the TLC plate, and the maximum sample load for each column will be automatically calculated. Thus, enabling the chemists to choose the best suited column for their sample.

Streamlined from a TLC reading to a sample run

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