Selection of Media (packed material) Based On TLC Results

Variety of Media and their Characteristics (Please inquire about the details.)

Media for Normal Phase Chromatography
Silica Gel (Si-OH)
Sample purification is done by interaction with hydrogen bonds between silanol on silica gel and sample. Silica gel can be used for high to medium polarity compounds that are easily dissolved in organic solvent.
Aminopropyl boned phase silica gel. Amino group, propyl side chains and remaining silanol on silica gel contribute to the sample separation. Organic solvent and water can be used with amino. Amino columns can be used to purify those compounds that interact too strongly with silica gel, basic compounds, nucleotide and sugar.
Media for Reverse Phase Chromatography
C18 bonded phase on spherical silica gel. This is typically used for reverse phase partition chromatography. Hydrophobic characteristic works in sample separation. It works well on highly polar compounds that will not move on a silica gel TLC even in highly polar solvent, or those that move too fast on TLC but do not get separated, even in non-polar solvent like hexane. The aqueous C18 bonded phase works well with 100% water as solvent, and it is best suited for purifying hydrophilic samples such as sugar, peptide and Chinese traditional medicine.
In comparison, octyl (C8) is less hydrophobic than octadecyl (C18). It works well with those samples that interact too strongly with C18, and those that have relatively high hydrophobic characteristic like peptide, protein, etc.

Features of Yamazen Flash Columns (Please inquire about the details.)

Media for Normal Phase Chromatography
Hi-Flash ColumnPolypropylene
This is a disposable column. It is the most economical high quality column, with the use of column adaptor and holder.
Universal ColumnPolypropyleneColumn adaptor & holder not required.
This is a disposable column. It is easy-to-use high performing Universal Column that does not require column adaptor and holder. The parts of the Universal column can be disassembled, so media (packing material) and plastic column parts can be disposed of separately.
Ultra Pack ColumnMade of glass
This is a high performance glass column; the length is 300mm. Ultra Pack Column will perform extremely well in purifying tough-to-separate samples. It can be used repeatedly if rinsed well after each sample run to boost cost performance.
Cartridge ColumnMade of glass
This is an easy-to-use economically priced glass column. The lengths of the columns available are 100mm and 150mm. It can be used repeatedly, if rinsed well after each sample run.
Kilo Pack ColumnMade of glassRefill possible
This is a large-scale glass column. Scale-up is possible from any Yamazen smaller columns. Refilling the column is possible at Yamazen, and the refilled column performs as good as a new one.
MM ColumnMade of glass
This is an empty glass column. Any media can be hand-packed easily. Varieties of media are available from Yamazen.
Inject ColumnPolypropylene
This is a sample-loading column. Using an Inject Column and a main separation column in pairs will achieve a far better sample separation than using only a separation column, and column downsizing is possible. Inject Column also eliminates the harmful effect such as co-elution caused by highly polar solvent which is used to dissolve the tough-to-dissolve sample.
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