Automated Flash Chromatography System with Mass Detection

Integration of flash system and Mass Detection

  • Mass spectrum can be obtained directly from normal phase chromatography.
  • A target sample compound can be monitored and fractionated with its molecular weight information from mass spectrum.
  • A target sample compound can be fractionated in high selectivity and sensitivity by setting its molecular weight information in the SIM mode.
  • Two ionizing probes (ESI and APCI) are available, which covers a wide variety of compound.
  • Easy-to-use operating software
  • Ready to use in 30 minutes

⟨ Mass Spectrum of Each Fractionated Tube can be Shown on the Monitor.

⟨ It is possible to Fractionate by Molecular Weight Trigger.

Fractionating by molecular weight trigger is possible with m/z, which has the measuring accuracy up to the first decimal point.

Smart Flash MS System (QMS) Specifications
Mass Range (m/z) 10 - 1,200
Scan Rate (m/z-units per second) 5,000
Ion Sources ESI and APCI
Resolution (m/z-units FWHM) at 1000 m/z units/sec over entire acquisition range 0.5 - 0.7
Flow Rate Range 10 - 500 μL/min.
Pumps Turbo Molecule Pump
Rotary Pump - under bench
Stability (m/z-units per 12 hour period: 15-24°C) 0.1
SIM Sensitivity (S/N) 10 pg Reserpine
FIA - 5 μL injection at 100 μL/min.
S/N ratio 100:1 RMS in SIM mode with m/z 609
Source Type Conventional SS Capillary
Heated Desolvation
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 280 mm(W) x 560 mm(D) x 660 mm(H)
Power Requirement 100 - 240 VAC
Polarity +ive and -ive in sequestial analyses
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